Custom Report ! Need HELP!

I am looking to create 2 custom reports:
The first one need to be like this… on the first column i have to list the product name, then on the second i need to list the measuring unit, on the 3rd i need to list the quantity on the 4th i need to list the selling price for one item then on the 5th column i need to list the buying price for item ( this must be grabbed from transaction documents)
and under i need a total

The second custom report need to list the items from transaction document:
1st column must be the product name
2st column - unit
3st column - quantity
4st column - product VAT ( some of my products have 9% VAT and other 24% what i have to do for sambapos to recognize the 9% vat and 24% vat )
5st column - price
and under i need a total

I am a begginer in sql can anybody help me with this ?

There are similar reports under category. Did you reviewed them?

Also SQL is not a requirement for Custom Reports. You can find detailed info here.

Especially check Pivot Grid reports. Looks like it will be useful for your case.