Custom Report Tags in details

Can you please update the custom report tags for the new version v5 as i can see there are some new stuff in there … Thank you very much, can wait to release the stable version… i can wait to buy it ! IT deserve its money.

The stable version is released…

Hopefully we can get around to updating the documentation. There is a lot of documentation to do. For now you can look at sample reports included to get an idea of how the new tags work.

Good to hear that :smiley: … When will be the tags updated ? If it will be … i need some info in creating a custom report that will show me the inventory items used on a specific period + measuring unit + price of item + total price

and also a custom report that will show me the transaction documents …

Look at Work Period report it gives a good idea of new tags.

Very sorry but can’t provide that date. Any community member that wants to chip in and help with that documentation it would be very nice.

PS if you dont know yet. When in report designer the tags available are on the right.

maybe you can help me … i took a look t the new version tags but i need more info to do that :frowning:

i saw the tags there but i m more interested in the expression field the X fields

When designing a report you can click preview and it will show result on right. You can experiment with tags until you get desired result.

Give an example of a tag your curious about?

for example report consumption details

and report inventory transaction details … i think this is what im looking for

{REPORT COST:X} To read cost for product X. Use . syntax as X.
{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:X} Reports inventory item consumption details.
{REPORT COST DETAILS:([^}]+)} Reports product cost details.

So for example {REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:Hamburger}

That documentation was in the Features Documentation in the Version 5 forum category.

All new features for versions released will be located here:

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Thanks for your help … i got one more question … what tag do i need to use to create a custom report that will provide me the transaction documents for printing … but i dont need the table to be sorted by period ( i already did that in sql and if i got 2 transaction documents in one day … the custom report shows me all items from the transaction documents in one table) i want the to be separated by name lets say … can i do that ? or is there any way to print the transaction document ?

The best way to learn it is to try the tags and use Preview button in report designer. Once you get desired results you learned how to use the tag correctly. You can get ideas of how tag structure is by studying other tags.

i will do that … thanks for your help

Look at Inventory Transaction Report for details on