Custom report with {SETTING: } variable

I want to make a custom report
What i need is
Campaign : {SETTING:Campaign};
Amount of Dicsount : i use calculation type

I set the {SETTING:Campaign} in this rule

I make this in report, but it didn’t work

[Summary Promo Report:1,1,1,1,1,1]
{SETTING:Campaign}|$1|{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:CA.Voucher Discount.sum}

Hope you can help me

Try just {:Campaign}

didn’t work

Can you show the action ? Did you do it as a global setting? If so fry {GLOBAL SETTING:Campaign}

I did it as local setting
This the action

Ok so that means it’s only available on that terminal and will disappear when logging out. Is that the desired result?

If you want it written to the database and be able to reference it in reports Make it a global setting. But in this case try {LOCAL SETTING:Campaign}

It could be that it doesn’t exist because you made it local and you need to convert it to global by setting that to false in the action

Also remember that the setting will be overwritten every time that rule runs.

Ah means I can’t use that
I have try to copy that information to ticket tag

And now, i have this report

[Summary Promo Report:1,1,1]
@{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.Department.asc::{0}:,}
$1|$2|{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:CA.Voucher Discount.sum:(DE=$1)}

Can i set that, if the discount amount is 0 (zero), the department didn’t appear?

And can you explain or give me the formula about “::{0}:,}” in $1 for what?