Custom Reports Help

Can anyone help and tell me what im doing wrong;

*[Room Balances:2, 1, 1]*
*Room 1|{REPORT TICKET COUNT:(TEN.Rooms=Room 1)}|{REPORT TICKET TOTAL:(TEN.Rooms=Room 1)}*


*[Room Balances:2, 1]*
*{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EN.Rooms,T.TotalAmount:(TEN.Rooms=Room 1)}*

Am missing the key somewhere, have read the custom reports in detail topic several times and am just missing a key factor somewhere.

OK, got it LOL

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EN.Rooms,T.RemainingAmount:(TEN.Rooms=Room 01)}

Forgot I changed rooms to 01, 02 etc so they showed in order.

However is there a tidy way to report all entity type = rooms?



OK, am kinda stuck.
I am setting up accounts for rooms.
Rather than have a continuations account per room I have setup flow so the rooms entity screen is a ‘masked’ bookind grid.
On a check-in button an entity is created with name of {RANDOM:4}-{RANDOM:8:0123456789} and entity date is updated with guest name and room number using [?Room Number] and [?Guest name] on update entity data fields.

Then taken advantage of formatting the entity grid using the custom data field of room number etc.;

I would like to make report to show balance for booking accounts (room bills) with a balance or of the booking number (which is the account.entity name) booking state which i set to inhouse and will be changing as part of the checkout process.

At the minute I have managed to work out this;

[Room Account Statement:2, 1]
@{ENTITY LIST EXP:(ET=Bookings)}
>Total|{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Booking Accounts}

Which gives me;

I would like to replace the first column with the room name which is available from either the Bookings entity custom data field ‘Room’ or can sort something else if needed.

Would also need to filter the entity list to inhouse bookings only which at the minute is an entity state but could be doubled up in to a custom field if needed.

OK, so managed to work out a chunk of it myself :smile:

This is what I have so far.

HOWEVER Account Balance Statement is a statement its only transactions for that work period :frowning:
How can I get it to be for all time… Presumably would need to move it to its own report rather than on work period report for a start.

The other question was if its possible to define an order for the accounts statement bit, order is age which is why i added the checkin column to kind of mask that its not in room incremental order.

 [Room Account Statement:1,1 , 1]
>>Checked In|Room|Balance
@{ENTITY LIST EXP:(ET=Bookings) && (EC.GuestStatus=Inhouse)}
>Total||{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Booking Accounts}

[Room Transactions:2, 1, 1]
Room Transfers|{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:Booking Account Transaction:Booking Accounts}| 
Cash Payments| |{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:Booking Cash Payment:Cash}
Card Payments| |{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:Booking Credit Card Payment:Cash}
>Balance|{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Booking Accounts}