Custom Reports: only page 1 data is printing rest all skipped

my sale item by group custom report is not printing the whole data quarter of the data from bottom is left out

from picture below you can see there some data need to be printed but its missed out.

the report is like this

in my opinion the second page is not printing
so what should i do any property in design mode need to be set

Right click on grid and select print preview.

@emre from print preview i can view all records and if i print from the print preview the layout is all upside down and if i print from the button it does not print all records

@madiha pivot view and table view additions intended to create on screen tools for users to analyze data from different dimensions quickly without need of editing reports. They are great for real time drag & drop data analysis but the disadvantage is these do not works like regular reporting features while printing. You should either create reports for printing with tags (V5 has more features) or use view’s own print preview function to print it individually. I don’t know what do you mean with upside down. When I try it previews normal. It might be related with your page setup.

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oh so you mean all data wont be able to print in pivot view and i think you are correct about the page setup

Always prefer using custom report tags for regular printing. They’ll support all kinds of printers (even thermal printers) and can resize to the page width. Use pivot grid and grid view for data analysis features and on custom entity screens with custom report viewer widget. When someone does not know what we are talking about will understand from your writing it is impossible to print all pivot grid data. Like I said it is possible by using it’s own printing feature. Right click on it and click print preview.

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oh ok will keep this in mind

but in report tags how will we arrange the column or use sort group by ?

v5 will be an exceptional

Madiha we’ll improve features, release new versions and discuss latest state of the product. If V5 solves that we can take it as a solution.

Madiha you were added to the beta yesterday. Have you installed v5 yet? If so there are many more report tag functions some I gave you a preview of in some posts several weeks ago. I think we can do everything you wanted to do with regular reports now and not need the Table or Pivot view.

Maybe start a thread in Beta forum category and paste some of your reports I can help you convert them with the new functions.

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SO i havent started exploring beta version yet.

ok thankyou for your support will explore and update soon :slight_smile:

Feel free to explore it. We have several people using it in production. Just know that there may be features that might break while it is still in beta… one such feature was Brackets for masking empty values in Printer Templates. Typically @emre lets us know if new features might break other things and we squash them fast. We kind of need things to break in testing so we can make it a better product on release.

But yes please post your report templates in a beta thread and we can help you redesign them with the goodness of v5 :stuck_out_tongue: I am pretty confident it will fix all of your issues.

if i adjust the page setup setting it print in correct format

but how can i adjust the page setup permanently so tht page setup setting dont get refreshed.

i would like to share that i manage to get report print by adjusting the height of the datafield.

i had to adjust height under view options and data field option property .

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We’ll have more printing options in future releases. I hope it works fine for your case too.

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