Custom waiter colours

Hello we are trying to create custom colours for users so when they log in and go to table layout a waiter can distinguish his tables from the other waiters as at the moment all tables entities have the same colours hence waiters cannot remember which tables they were serving. Is it possible to define a colour on an entitiy which is custom to the user so that when he logs in his tables appear in a different colour from the rest of the users so his tables can be easily identified.

In theory. If not block colour you could highlight the table in bold and red or something.
However unless you trigger some form of entity state on say first ticket opened your going to need some report expressions to report username on unpaid/open tickets for that entity, and doing that on entity screen with many enties can make things slow to load due to having to run report(s) for each table/entity every time the screen is loaded.
You would probably be better to make two entity screens, the first one filtered to an entity state set on ticket entity updated to set the username to the state.
Then have a seccond normal all tables screen to allow the initial selection.
One issue that may come up though is as you can run multiple tickets on the same entity/table and these could be started by different users is what happens in this event.