Customer account issues

i realized that some customer account names are hidden ,but appears under Account.

do they have a nil balance? i think you can hide accounts from the account screen if the balance is zero

there is money in the account.

have you got all the account options ticked to display?

Can you explain better? Do you mean on a printed ticket, in account screen, somewhere else? Screenshots help us.

a particular customer account name is not showing on the customer search.

What is the name that’s not showing? Maybe it has characters that’s reserved.

there is no any character there.

That customer definaly have an account? Default setup accounts are not automatically created for every customer you have to create account on the edit customer tab.

ye i did created it using edit Customer

Screenshots would help

Here are the screen shots

Can you show customer entities in manage section?

Interesting, and if you enter more than just Mr? Still nothing?
Maybe check entity screen settings for a state filter posibly?

yes…some names are not showing

You have the State Filter as “Available”. Remove the state filter (make the field blank), likely this will solve your issue.

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okay…i will try that and revert.

I tried that but still not working…