Customer Account Loyalty Program

Hello Everyone I have spent hours reading and understanding different ways of Implementing Loyalty Program. For example I want 5% of the bill paid to go back as a credit to the customer account. I have an Indian Restaurant we get a lot of Take Away orders through phone and we create account of all the customers so when they call up next time we just put the phone number in and the name shows up. I noticed there is an option to add funds manually in the customer Account and you can redeem it in the payment screen by clicking on customer account. My idea is to have automatic rule so that when a customer comes in collect his/her phone order and pays for it he/she gets an automatic 5% credit of the total bill to his/her account which they can redeem when they come next time. Also keeping in mind when they use the credit they already have from previous purchase they only get 5% credit on the remaining amount for the next purchase. I tried doing few things as I am not an expert yet or I might not have understood some rules properly I am failing to achieve this as I want to keep it simple and use the customer account feature which is already in the system and not make separate entities and samba loyalty card and other ways to do it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Some screenshots of what I have done and its not working.

@Ambrosia_Ind_Res well Iam using this since a year , we have caller id when customer calls just select and enter order , u can setup like minimum spend of $10.00 etc , here is the rules

Hi @gsreddy asking for contact is not a problem customers give it anyway besides lot of people have their landline numbers on private so when the phone rings it doesn’t show up the number anyway so having caller id would be a waste. My main concern is the simplifying the process of customer loyalty through the customer account feature.

Ok that’s up to you how you wanted I have two custom fields Mobile , Customer Id , create barcode add to customer id so when the card with barcode scanned account selects, or search with phone , name , mobile anything you search you will get account to ticket.

Do you mean you don’t want extra entity type and use customer for loyalty? you need to lookup main thing account type (debit/credit) . Do you want provide them food and they will pay later? or use the funds what they had in account ?

You will find what you need in forum spend some time to read those

look at this post

when I take an order I add all the details like contact number and name and create an account and when customers come in they pay for their order and its done. End of the settlement I want the customer account automatically credited with 10% or 5% cashback whatever I fix. I have attached some screen shots I hope it will make it easier to understand what I am trying to achieve.

Looking at your screenshots it doesn’t look like you have the customer account setup right as the account payment selector is disabled.
You want to get that sorted first I would say.
Check in your accounts list, is there actually an account for that customer been created.

It will be this way if the Transaction Type is set to Credit. It just means they cannot pay with Account unless they have funds in the Account (negative balance).

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Hello @JTRTech The Customer Account only enables if there are funds added to the customer account.
This is what I want.
I want the 5% or 10% of the bill automatically added to the Customer Account after the Processing of the payment. Which the customer can claim in their future transaction as a credit to the price of their order

I imagine you’ll want a transaction document to credit the account then using the create document action on payment processed with a formula for the amount along the lines of [=F({PAYMENT AMMOUNT}*0.1)]
This formula probably isn’t correct as am not at PC to check tags but qmckay might confirm?

I think what you saying is what I am trying to achieve.