Customer account Settlement issue

Hi team,
as per the screenshot above, please help me do away with combined amount and only have the current amount users are confusing it and are now settling previous balances for the creditors. i have set up customer account and its working well apart from this settlement part

Hello @joshuakago,

If you click on Balance button on Payment Screen, it will combine the previous balance of customer with the current ticket amount. You can cancel this process by clicking on the same button once again. See the below image plase;

hi @Nizam ,
Thanks a lot for the reply,
Its true that works, I thought there was an easier way to avoid having the combined balances displayed as totals,
had shown them your procedure, but they have been repeating this mistake so many times. in fact I have also found myself settling the combined amount.

Hi @Nizam , Is there a way I can set the new ticket amount to be the defult total? Kindly

Hello @joshuakago,

The new ticket amount is already the Default total. The system combines previous balance and the current total after you click on the Balance button on the payment screen. If you don’t click on Balance button it will not combine.

Hi @Nizam I think I must have changed a defult configuration because the balance plus the current ticket is the defult. Its giving me hard time since users are making mistake and settle all the balances hence hard to pile and follow up customer balances. Please help