Customer Account Statements and Payments (Custom)


is no way to do this with one click :wink:


There is using a configuration task. But it needs to be created. It wasn’t created because if people follow every step in the tutorial they would have a better understanding what’s been implemented, and in return have better knowledge on how things run in samba, thus allowing each user to use that knowledge to customize it to their own preference.

Bare in mind this tutorial was created based on the Author’s version, thus what you are actually implementing is the Author’s version(Which is perfectly fine if it suits your needs also). For most people, if they did it in one click, then suddenly they wanted to add or remove a few things from it, there would be sooo many questions regarding how this or that is done, and wouldn’t really know how it all connects together.

Step by step allows the knowledge of exactly that :D. And it also relieves the author from the mountain of questions people would have regarding the tutorial if it was done in one click.


following tutorials should be the main way to configure Sambapos.


Can you please provide a script for this or an updated version including all this functions? Thank you in advance.


Q posted the SQL and sample report…


I’ve been following along the tutorial just fine, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to add multiple instances of the same action in a Rule. Can anybody help?


I posted this above


Have got as far as creating the Entity Screen, ive obviously done something wrong but have gone over it a couple of times and cant work itout.

So To get the entity screen I need to edit and make widgets, I’m selecting a customer, clicking Account Operations and it takes me to a blank screen… however I cannot do anything with it because it is totally blank, no buttons or anything. If I right click its all greyed out.


You must be logged in as Admin to enable Design Mode. And sometimes, I have seen that I needed to shutdown SambaPOS, restart it, and login as admin to get the Design Mode to enable.


I tried that, take note in the pic, not even the Main Menu button bottom right.

I cant shrink the window or do anything, only way to close is ctrl alt and del

ive done something wrong blatently…


Was it correctly set as Custom Entity screen under Entity Screen Type? Remember its hard for us to know what you did wrong because well we dont know and all you have given us to work with is.

Go back through and compare your setup to his tutorial be sure you didnt miss a step.


yeah its correct what you put.

I agree I didn’t give you much, but I dunno either lol.

I’m away to cornwall for a few days now so will have to look when I get back.

Thanks though



It sounds to me like its loading an entity screen but the parameter for it is wrong so its coming up blank.

I mean its switching to Entity Screen but its not loading anything.

Look here closely: Pay attention to Command Parameter.


That looks like a Ticket Type problem IIRC. We have seen this in the past when switching departments. Though why you would be experiencing this when navigating to the Account Statement Entity Screen, I have no idea.

I want to make note of something here… since I put this Tutorial together, I no longer use the method of Account Payment via Settle/Payment Screen. I only use the Credit method. The Payment Screen method posed to many little “quirks”. That means that you don’t need the extra Ticket Type, since crediting an account is done through generic Tx Docs instead of a Ticket (which is a Tx Doc in itself).


yeah I had already checked that, on my double check before trying it out it was wrong. I rectified that already.

Its more indepth I think, ill just go through it all again step by step.


Silly me! I did this tutorial thinking it should just “work”… however as I integrated it into my ShakesCard (SambaCard) settings, it was set to use entity “Customers” not “ShakesCard Customer Card”.

It all works perfectly and exactly as it should. Thanks so much, thistle save a LOT of hassle!

Can I ask 1 question, at payment rule “AS Ask Question” how do I get the drawer to pop once one of the buttons has been pressed?

Thanks again :smiley:


EDIT: Added to the AS Credit Account Apply rule…

All done, thanks loads. This should make life easier!!


Going to need to impliment some of this.

What in the way of printed statements do people have?
Any chance of a sample output for an idea of how achievable what I aim to do is?


This particular implementation produces a very basic but detailed Statement using SQL handler @@GetStatement. It basically looks like this:


Entity Screen using the same Report, with some extra elements:

For actual printed Statements, you could be as elaborate as you want… the Template is based on the Entity, so you have access to anything in that Entity as you normally would. Besides that, it uses {REPORT SQL DETAILS:@@GetStatement:x:x:x} to pull the same SQL Report as above.


Thanks Q, awesome :slight_smile:


OMG, obviously never delved deep enough into customer accounts, didn’t realize you could get a statement from account details!!!