Customer Accounts in Work Period Report

As a waiter, I have used many POS systems and most are horrible. SamboPOS is by far the greatest POS system and I am planning to deploy in our restaurant.

I have done a lot of testing and everything works exceptionally.

Suggestion: Is it possible to add a section to Work Period Report to display Cash/Credit purchased for said Work Period. This will show how much Cash or Credit was added to the drawer. This will make closing the day much easier where Cash/Credit that is added shows on Work Period Report.

Additionally, is it possible to restrict ticket settlement on Customer Account only if Customer Account has funds. Basically use Customer Account as prepaid account.

In the report displays only selling products.
to keep track of account you have to go in the account.
create a screen or enable the display of client accounts.

Thanks spanky. Very helpful. I was able to setup a screen to show cash and credit for work period.

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