Customer accounts messed up

Hi all.

Been using sambapos v5 for some time now.

Finally getting to a stage where I need more out of this beautiful piece of software.

I have added customer entities. I can add the purchase the entity without issue.

But it seems that all customers are sharing an account (although I’ve created separate entities).

When I load any customer, it shows the exact same transactions

Hope this makes sense.

There should be a customers entity by default. Did you delete that entity type and re-create?

Can you show a screen shot of the tabs General Settings & Accounting, of your Customers Entity.


Can you show a screen shot of the Transaction types that are related to Customers?

Its very likely that your Payment Type called Customer Account Transaction has that specific account selected.

In that payment type you should remove that specific account and leave the field blank



Thanks for the reply.

I had taken over this so not sure if this was done in the past.

I hope these help


Thanks for the reply.

This is what is on my payment Type

Nothing Under Payment Processors

This one should be blank if you want to use different customers and their accounts