Customer accounts

I have read a post about making customer accounts.
—Question about customers and customer account—
“Manage->Accounts->Account Types->Customer Accounts->Rules - Set to Credit”
This is not working. The button for “create account” in not active in my Sambapos.
Somehow I have managed to create one account where I have the Account details button active. In all other it is not active.

Can you help me?

Are all of the Customer data fields filled in ?

I might actually be your Account Name Template for your Customer Entity. If you have [NAME] - [PHONE] then both Customers Name and Phone need to be entered to create an account. If you list a custom field that does not exist, then you cannot create an account.
For example [NAME]-[TOWN], if I do not have a custom field called TOWN, then I can never create an account.

Thank you for your help. I delayed all the custom fields and added them again. The problem was I had changed the format for phone from string to number.
It is working now.

I am able to create customers and it also seems to have created a respective account. However, on the SETTLE page, there is no option of selecting CUSTOMER ACCOUNT as payment. Only Cash, Credit Card and Voucher.

You should have Customer Account entry on your Payment Types list.

I do have that, but I have no idea why it doesn’t show up on the SETTLE screen.

Please check mappings of that payment type to ensure it does have a mapping and it mapped correctly to current ticket type and department.