Customer Cake Deposits and Balance


Trying to implement customer deposits in the simplest way possible.

A customer comes and orders a cake (Black Forest 2kg) @ Kshs 3500
He pays a deposit of 2000, balance is 1500
On the workperiod we need to see the order of the black forest and the amount
pending 2000
And when the customer picks the cake can we indicate there cake picked and the amount paid 1500

I think the best way would be to create Customer account transaction with automation command.

Followed by custom input box which will load Cash Payment document for the amount.

How I imagine is:

  1. Create new Customer
  2. Out the cake order on the entity
  3. Use the automation for what I described above
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Seems workable let me try that

You can follow RickH petty cash setup to make something similar for your needa.

You Could also use states and create rules around states to track cake picked up, deposit set etc…
(If it helps)

I run a Dive Shop in Mexico soley around SambaPOS… If you’re not in our SambaPOS system, you’re not diving…

We regularly need to take deposits for a series of dives and then have customers pay several days (and work periods later)… To accomplish this…

  1. I Created a “reservation” ticket which is a “Pre-order” ticket (These tickets never get settled and the work period can be closed while the ticket is still open).
  2. Create a special product called “Customer account top-up”… When this product (with variable price) is added to a regular sales ticket a bunch of logic runs which adds funds to the customer’s account when they pay this sales ticket - this is the way in which we take deposits - a separate ticket from the reservation ticket.
  3. I have a very customised ticket template which shows their reservation, total value of their order and their balance (with the money the have prepaid already discounted).
  4. When the customer is ready to pay up at the end, I press a button which runs some some rules to convert the “reservation” ticket in to a “sales” ticket. I then settle this ticket firstly using the money that is on credit in their customer account and then any remaining balance can be paid using multiple currencies and payment methods.

Sounds complicated, but it actually works really well.

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logically seems possible wish u can share more on the same

Right now I am super busy working on a few tweaks and on my new website, so I can’t really dump a bunch of info on here.

Give it a go getting your head around pre-order tickets and creating a rule to trigger a transaction document when a particular product is sold (crucially, only when the ticket is actually sold and not just when it is added to a ticket). If this last bit is tricky, you can use transaction documents in the more traditional way (through the accounts screens) - but I like running everything through the POS screen.

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