Customer data on receipt

How can i show customer name , phone number and address here
and on the receipt ?

You sure your customers would be OK with all that on a receipt?

im runing a pizza delivery system this data is important with out this data delivery cant be possible.
the same format i was use in samba 4 but i don’t remember how to set it again or in samba v5

and one more thing how can i change customer mobile number instead of customer name as data reference

customer name
i need this format on pos and on receipt
need help

You can’t to multi line on entity display format on ticket/POS.
You could set ticket tags or note on entity changed.
As for print you just need to set line per value in the entity:customer section

can u show me some example ?

This is the print templete what should i need to change here!

At the bottom it has entities:customers
Under that it has
Use {ENTITY DATA:X} like phone when were x is name of the entity data field…

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