Customer Display Hardware

Hi guys,

one of my clients wants a POS terminal that has inbuilt 15" screen and it comes with a 10.1" small screen that can be rotated.

From what I understood, it can only duplicate whats on the staff’s side. This way you cant exactly run advertising slide show. Is it better to put a tablet in place instead?

How do you deal with customer screens?


I use html printer and put ie on that display. It remembers it’s position. I run it as a second monitor.

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Thats exactly what I was thinking - but from what the shop owner told me is that those All-In-One terminals that have a second display only duplicate whats on the main screen. Or can you actually use them as extension or 2nd screen?


I am just curious before I commit to buying one and end up causing me a headache.

Duplicated screen would be pretty useless…
I have never seen a computer which doesn’t allow extended desktop. Even my very first laptop like 15 years ago did it!

I think the only way I will be able to figure that out if I come there install SambaPOS and import my configuration screen setup. Lol