Customer Loyality points/balance monthly report

Hi all,

how we can get a monthlyreport which shows number of points or balance asigned to customers as Loyality points.

please i need your help

You need to offer more info to be given suggestions.

How are you recording the points?


im using this tatorial:

where we to doesn’t add new Entity Type. Instead ,we use the existing Entity Type, Customers.then Add a Custom Field called Member ID. This will be used to store the Member Card ID.

mailny the report should contain following:
Customer name,Member Card ID,Account balance


Is the balance just stored as a single field?

You using v4 or v5?

You will need to start with reporting a list of entities.
REPORT ENTITY LIST EXP: I think is the tag but am not at PC to check exact tag.
Then using this list entity details report and $1 for the entity name in the report expression.

its V5 and im using seperated Field
{Cusomer balance}

As a starting point here is a list of customers with some custom fields (EC) included…

[Customers:1,1,1, 1]
{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:E.Name,EC.Address,EC.Phone,E.Balance:(ET=Customers)}

Ok so will go something like this;

[Customer Balances:2, 1]
@{ENTITY LIST EXP:(ET=Customers)}
$1|{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:EC.Customer Balance:(EN=$1)}

The bold bits would need to be confimed against your setup, ET is entity type guessing wither customer or customers. EC is entity custom field you had lower case b, not sure if thats the case or not but likely to be case sensitive.

This should pull a FULL list of all customer type entity and their customer balance fields, you may want to expand on this to onliny show customers with a balance greater than 0.
Am not sure how this will handle entities without a value, might be an idea to make so 0 is a default so there is always a numerical value.

@JTRTech you don’t need to use parameters for that report. {REPORT ENTITY DETAILS} already lists entities. Such config is useful if you need to map different reports. For example it can be listing tickets under each entities… In this case you can use parameters to map {REPORT ENTITY DETAILS} report to {REPORT TICKET DETAILS}…

thanks every one

it works emre except the E.balance :frowning:

E.Balance would be relating to the entity account balance not a custom entity data field which you implied you were using;

What are you doing, accounts or loyalty points?

im using the existing customer account to add the loyality balance to

E.Balance was added in v5.1.55 … ensure you are running latest version.

Actually my Version is V5.50, I’ll upgrade to V5.55 thanks

How can I exclude entities with a balance of 0?

I have tried
[Customers:1,1,1, 1] {REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:E.Name,EC.Address,EC.Phone,E.Balance:(ET=Customers) && E.Balance >= 0}

Try this.

[Customers:1,1,1, 1]
{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:E.Name,EC.Address,EC.Phone,E.Balance.sum:(ET=Customers) && E.AccountId>0:::$4!=0}

No thats not working

I’ve tested it and works fine for me. Maybe it does not work for you for a reason. Can you show how it’s not working?

[Customers:1,1,1, 1]
{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:EC.Customer,E.Name,EC.Address,E.Balance:(ET=Customers) && E.AccountId>0:::$4!=0}

If you compare yours with my sample you’ll see you don’t have .sum after balance.