Customer Loyalty Points Setup [4K with Voiceover]


This is what my screen looks like. I can still read and edit “Hidden” values as a regular user.


Try creating a new entity with the hidden flag.


Yikes, I wanted to to put the customer’s Loyalty Card Number Entity Data and Loyalty Points Entity Data under the existing Customer Entity. Is there any way? Or, should I just store the Loyalty Points as a Global Setting?


What he is saying is to try it not that thats the solution… If hidden works for new entity then maybe issue somewhere else.
Have you checked user role permissions to see if viewing hidden fields is a variable role permission?


There is no such permission.

Likely the Hidden flag is only to hide the field in a list of entities, for example, when you do Entity Search, the Hidden elements have no column in the result set.

When it comes to editing an Entity, the Hidden flag is likely ignored.


If I close ticket and try to close work period, the ticket is still marked and showing as open. Can someone please help. Opening my location in a couple days and need to finish setup. Thanks


Closing a ticket will not mark it for close. You need to accept payment or mark it as pre order to close wp.


Ok. I understand that. I am using the points as payment to pay the whole total.Once the points pay the ticket it remains open status. I have added actions on “Apply Loyalty Points” rule to mark ticket as closed, update ticket status to paid, etc. not working for me.


I’d suggest you have done something wrong g somewhere then because it worked fine on the setup I recorded on without telling it to Mark and close or paid as this happened as part of default rules…


JTRTech, I watched the video again and checked everything. my setup is identical to the video. in the video, there was a ticket that was paid for entirely using points. The ticket did zero out like my tickets do. I closed the ticket as in the video. At that point, if you go to the navigation screen and check under open tickets, the ticket is still showing an open,unsettled, unpaid state. That is the problem I am encountering because you cannot end the work period with an open ticket.


Open the Ticket
Click Settle
Click All on the Payment Screen
Click a Payment Type (if it lets you choose one)
Click Close (if it has not already been closed)


QMcKay, I have tried all those options. The payment screen is showing zero balance. There are no payment options available. Even if you close the ticket, it still shows open on the ticket lister in the navigation screen The only way the ticket will close, is if I add an additional item and then pay by cash/credit.


So in your Before Ticket Closing rule what actions are in it?


These are my only 2 ticket closing rules.


On your ticket payment check rule try removing the
ticket total greater than constraint.

I don’t have that in my setup and it works fine.


KryptonFactor, tried removing that constraint and the same results. This is puzzling



The Ticket Payment Check Rule should not have that Constraint. By default, it does not. Why would that be there? It should look like the following …

After removing that Constraint, try the steps I gave again.

If for some unknown reason you feel the Constraint needs to be there, then use the dropdown on the Left to choose Total Amount, or use this expression on the Left:



Thanks to everyone. That change did work.I am using multiple tutorials that require certain constraints. Now this one issue is resolved, I need to see if this change in the constraint affected the other installs.


Very curious to know which Tutorial/Setup has instructions to modify Ticket Payment Check default rule.


I installed 4 tutorials on a fresh install. Customer loyalty points, fast cash buttons, show change message, and temp tabs setup. i can’t remember which tutorial had me modify the Ticket Payment Check default rule.