Customer Loyalty Points Setup [4K with Voiceover]


As kendash said.
Also is your entity and ticket state named identically?


entity name is same but ticket state?


Also which is the Jscript in that rule


Math floor is a jscipt helper.

It’s a while since I did this setup but the update of points is current entity data points plus the loyalty points ticket state value.


wow didnt know that Math floor was jscript. My entity name is the same and they are working if I replace TICKET STATE VALUE with just any number. So the problem would be TICKET STATE VALUE. Is the Ticket State Loyalty Points defined in States because in the video Ticket State is not set anywhere.


It wouldn’t need to be defined.
It is. Quick check and can see a ‘generic update ticket state’ action at 8:30 - it’s using the math fuction you mentioned…


yh I changed it to Round and its working.


Tried everything still cant get it to work, something to do with TICKET STATE VALUE not working in v4, any ideas guys.


If the issue is that ticket state value doesn’t work or exist in V4 then that setup as it is will never work you’ll need to upgrade to V5

V4 is outdated and not supported, you would be best to upgrade to V5 anyway and have all the benefits of the additional functionality you may find you need as your setup gets more complex


I will upgrade to v5 in a couple of months but not right now, ticket state value exists in v4 so it should work I just dont know the correct syntax.


Are you still trying to use jscript?


Show where your stuck, helps to see.


no JScript, I did some research and it seems their is no TICKET STATE VALUE in v4, its available in v5 I checked it in printer templates.


It’s in v5 we know as the tutorial works and is in v5.
As for V4 I’m pretty sure state value is in V4 as I’m sure state value field is there, sure it is, check the update order state action.


Yep, just checked on the till here at my local LOL


That’s order state sorry but ticket state also…


This setup doesn’t have custom reports so can’t check the report expression. Don’t think you would need custom reports to use the function but might be wrong.


Looking at printer template it might be the report expression rather than the value itself is not available in V4


However you could adapt the same flow to use something other than ticket state value.
Ticket tag, the state itself with some tweaks. There isn’t much that’s not possible.


Yes, ticket state value can be entered but I am unable to call it in the rules we can call ORDER STATE VALUE but TICKET STATE VALUE is not available not even with custom reports.
Instead of using ticket state value for unclaimed points, I am using ticket state, kind of a work around. I am checking for its repercussions.