Customer Loyalty Points Setup [4K with Voiceover]


It should work, just need to adjust other parts of the flow like you say.


Yh it is woking just testing its outcome.


Great, v5 is recommended though, there are so many new abilities, jscript and included custom reports is worth it on it’s own.


Ok, so got everything working on v4 and now I was wondering would it be possible to apply loyalty discount via number pad value entered. Like what if customer does not want to use all his points.


It would be doable, you would mimic a similar flow as doing all but adding the input to specify the value/points.
I’d personally use [?Prompt] function over numberpad but then I don’t use numberpad keypad itself.


Should i create a separate rule or use the same apply discount button rule for the [?Prompt]


Personally if I were looking to do what you describe I would change flow so the apply button showed an ask question for apply method is all, value or points, then split the flow based on that input, all leading to the shown method in tutorial, and value/pints leading to separate rules using the prompt function to input the points or value then allowing clean constraints on the entered value.
If you did that the likely placement of the prompt expression would be in command value foeld of an execute automation command so the command name would be apply points or apply value and the value would then be the entered number allowing evaluation and constrainment based on entered value, ie there is sufficient points etc


Ill be only using points value not needed as I have configured my loyalty points to be the same as value. But I still did not understand where prompt for value should be, after reading your solution my guess is that it should be in a separate rule as automation command button executed where it would ask user for input. Then the value would be passed to apply discount button rule with constraints for checking if entered value is not greater than the points.


If you did use ask question for all/points your current apply points would go to a automation command rule with an ask question.
The ask question command name would be say ‘apply points command’, the buttons say All=All,Points=Points would be the command value.
Then the existing apply points rule would be adjusted to be command name of ‘apply points command’ AND value = All. Another rule would have similar command name constraint but value would be Points.
In that rule you then use an execute automation command action with command name say ‘apply points selected’ and the command value field would be your [?Prompt} for points value prompt.
Then the next rule would constrain to that command name and you then constrain value against available points, or alternatively I would personally constrain on action rather than rule so you would then have the actions to apply the points with action constraint to check available points as other actions to show an ask question/message quoting reason like not enough points if too higher value is entered.


Ok, first way too complicated for me, and I found another option that may be possible according to my layout. See I have a apply Discount button in payment screen (Redeem) so what I want is that in the payment screens numberpad I can put value and then press Redeem button and the discount would be applied, Dont know if its possible, could u suggest on this.


Don’t know if numberpad on payment screen can be hooked in the same way as the one on menu screen.
If not it might be a good request for future update.
But you can soon use the [?prompt] option for input however either way you would still want to validate the value entered wether it’s via numberpad or prompt


Should I use update program setting with ?prompt for validating value.


You can but don’t have to, as said before you could use it in command value of execute automation command and pass directly into the next rule without saving setting etc which would likely still need execute automation action as you wouldn’t be able to validate within same rule as it’s asked for as constraints both rule and action are evaluated at beginning of the process when rule is triggered not inline as it goes, all at the beginning.


Could you like direct me to a tutorial on how to use pass command value to the next rule or something like that coz I havent done that till now.


Execute automation command action. Command name will be the trigger of the next rule and command value if a method to pass data so prompt goes there.
Then the automation command executed rule you will need to manau type the command name as drop-down only shows button names configured . The action is like a virtual button for pragmatic jumps in flow.



So this is what I have done, now how do I get the value from prompt to Apply loyalty discount rule, I mean I know the action is executing Apply loyalty discount but how to validate the command value to the rule.


So button is redeem2?
The input to prompt will be the command value on a seccond automation command executed rule.
You need to make that rule, the command name would be apply loyalty discount and then that rule will have the entered prompt as commandvalue.
So you would make constraints based on command value.


Thank you so much for your valuable response @JTRTech, this is what I did for entering points based on your ideas. And now for the constraints validation.


Ok, so I got prompt to work but cant work on masking. I think its possible but I dont know how.
I think we can put a mask that only allows digits less than or equal to Loyalty Points any ideas on this @JTRTech