Customer loyalty system, Russian translation

Good evening , I’m sorry for my English I use Google Translate
I want to say thank you for the updated version of the program , it is a new design and functions Contributory pushed me to install it. I’m from Ukraine , our family chain of cafes and restaurants now we are enjoying openbravo pos system is outdated and its updated version is available only for the money, sings a problem finding a new pos system. I would like to know whether the plan complement system module loyalty ( bonus program , their accumulation and the ability to calculate them and to pay with bonus) and when to add the Russian language in the updated program to better understand its functions and install the system on the ground ! document should give an idea about loyalty features

Multi language support not ready yet but we’ll try to release it soon. Thanks.

thank you for the reply, but when you have more then 10 000 cards it will be difficult to manually ading funds, maybe there some way to automatize it procedure, create some protocol when at evening we syncronize spent and income funds at server?

You can create a rule to handle payment processed event. For example when you receive cash payment you can create “account transaction” with “Create Account Transaction” action to add funds to card account.

okey, i will try and reply in these topic! thank u!
one more question is this possible to get sambacard information from remote server while your working locally in your cafe, like sambacard information stored in central server?