Customer name on receipt

can we add the customer name on a printed receipt or ticket? and can we show the notes and discount reason on the receipt?

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Using Printing Tempate tag.

For Notes:
{NOTE} Ticket Note

for Discount Reason:
{ORDER STATE VALUE:X} X= Automation Command Name
etc. {ORDER STATE VALUE:Discount}

and for Customer Name;
Default template include Customer Name.
But necessary must be selected Customer to Ticket.

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@chair How do you ask reason for the discount? Ask Question Action or Automation Command?

i think its automation i followed the instruction of emre re discounting

The reason inputted in this is the on i wanted to see on the printed receipt.

This example uses the discount rate to print the Ticket Tag.
if you want to print this Ticket Tag you will use {TICKET TAG:X}
e.g.{TICKET TAG:Discount Reason}

your solution works and thanks i was wondering if we can show the subtotal before the discount line so that the customer can compare how much he should be paying without the discount

Plain SubTotal Tag is: {PLAIN TOTAL}
usage example: Plain Total:|{PLAIN TOTAL}

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this is the right answer hope others will learn from this as i did