Customer Search is Blank

I’ve been using SambaPos for quite some time now and it’s great. I’m now looking to begin using customer accounts to facilitate AR customers. I’ve added a customer through the customer search window and created the account using create account button. The customer shows up under manage>accounts but when doing a lookup in the POS>customer search there is nothing there. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Can you show screenshots?

Sure…Here it is…

We’re facing the same issue regularly. Hope you’ll find a solution because its a pain.

Show the entity screen settings for that. You may not have the correct entity type defined.

Show entities in manage section.
Accounts are seperate to entities.
Your searching entities not accounts.

Those images are for the entity screen settings not accounts, If you look at the TAB heading you will see that i’m in the manage entities section.

I’m not sure if this is the issue or not, but I notice you have 2 customers named “Test”

Can you rename one of the “Test” customers and see if that has any effects? You may have to do it in the Manage -> Entities.

Same issue for the name Govin which was the first account to be added. Then Test with the telephone number was added but the issue remained. Now that I think of it I don’t know how it allowed me to add the second Test without stopping me because the name already existed.

Will it allow you change the name back so you have 2 “Test” customers?

If I try to add another “Test” it gives a message saying “name already exist”, which has me confused now because it allowed me to do it once before.

For your “Tickets” Ticket Type (Manange ->Tickets->Ticket Types), do you have customers assigned to “Entity Type List”?

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He doesnt have 2 tests… the second one is named Test-2687208389 So it is not the same as Test

I am curious if what Bob has suggested could be the culpret.

Yes I do have customers assigned to the entity type list, first thing I checked when the “change customer” button wasn’t available in POS.

But again in same way entity screen is not the same as the main list of all entities tab.

Another thing… I’m pretty sure you dont want entities selected on the entities list section of the entoty screen. This is used to select specific entities for a grid page. Am not sure how it effects a search screen but you wouldn’t want selected entities option on an entity type which allows new entity creation as you would have to go back and select new entities each time…

Hi Everyone,

I fixed the problem by creating a new database, not really a solution if you already have months or years worth of data. It would be good to know what caused that issue and how to resolve it. But for now i’m ok with what I did to continue forward with my plans. Thanks.

It’s hard to know what the issue was with the limited info given.
There would have been an answer if you had replied to questions.