Customer Self-Service App

Recently we have been asked by a lot of customers for a self service option with a tablet at each table for customers.

It would be nice if we could also possibly link these tablets to a table rather than a user?

In this scenario allowing images for the menu items would help.

This (Mobile Client) is a waiter terminal and not usable for customer. You mean a digital menu app i think.

Is this an available thing? Saw the video on facebook but never seen any mention of it on forum or to resellers?
Presumed it was a special order for a Turkey customer.

No we havent got that. I think you saw SambaPOS GO (Kiosk Solution)

Is that an available app?

It a special project. I think kiosk applications are not suitable for a ready-to-sell type. To be considered as a special project.Interface and mode of operation may need to be changed. But I’d like to hear if you have any other ideas

I didn’t see any in-depth detail in it, was it a custom web app using graphql then? It was clean, would have been good to have seen some documentation or framework/code snippets if it was as it looked very tidy.

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Yes it is a web app /w graphql. It’s a tailor made solution for a Turkish customer. So if you have more question about selling maybe @Tayfun helps you

Could be interested in this if it is possible to tweak it for table ordering.

It does tables…do you mean table self service?

Yes self service, So I would need to be able to link each tablet to a specific table.

I think it need a different user interface for that


A custom HTML/Web interface using API would probably be only sucessful method.

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I’ll add that with GraphQL you could build a very nice custom solution.

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The Mobile Client is not for self-service. It is for waiters/waitresses to take orders from customers at their table.

Building a self-service module using GQL could be simple, but it’s the interface that everyone will want to be different.

I am splitting these posts from Mobile Client Topic to a new Topic since they are not related.

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Hi guys,

Any update or idea if the SambaPOS “GO” will be available or maybe guidelines to build this? I have a few clients that saw the video on youtube or somewhere and they ask me when can this be ready?

So in other words kiosk with self service so clients can order and make payment.