Customer Ticket History

New here. Trying to setup SambaPOS V4. I specifically need a way/button to pull up previous orders by customers which I’ve allocated orders to previously. I need to access this whilst bust putting their new order through, and potentially duplicate previous orders.

Any suggestions?

Side by side viewing of last ticket I don’t think is possible.
Duplicating might be… thought I saw a similar topic somewhere.

A simpler solution might be to add a new field to the customer entity of last ticket ID, make a rule for on ticket payment if customer entity is not null set the entity field for last ticket as the ticket id.
Then make an automation command to reprint that bill using the customer entity field last ticket… Probably the closest youll get to side by side viewing last bill while making new ticket.

Do a search for print last bill button which will give you most parts, just adapt to set the entity field rather than a program setting.

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Try This.


Which will lead you to this …

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Thanks QMcKay!!! This was really helpfulp, and seems simple for a lay-person like me!