Customer Ticket without table number disappears

Currently testing version 4.1.8 with SambaPOS4.SDF.

Not sure if it is a bug or it is by design, but it seems that tickets will not show under Customer Tickets if they do not have table numbers assigned.

  1. Open Customer Search tab
  2. Select a Customer (John Smith)
  3. Enter order for John Smith and click Print Bill (Carry out scenario, where table numbers are not needed)
  4. Open Customer Tickets tab and John’s order is no longer showing

Can you explain better, where are not shown?

Hi spanky,

Thanks for quick reply. See video below. I enter a ticket and use Print Bill button to print a customer bill.

If I use Print Bill button, this ticket does not show under Customer Tickets.

It is also doing this if you select a table number so disregard my previous post title.

Let me know if this is an expected behavior and what is the purpose. Updated URL. The other one does not work.

when you print the ticket status is updated by “paying”
blocked tickets are not displayed, only the open ones.
to display the ticket stuck you have to change the search mask in screen entities.
Settings> Entity> screen entity> ticket customer
been imposed filters that you want to display

Hi spanky,

Is there a way to have two filters Bill Requested and New Orders for the filter field.

Hello @na1978. This is not possible for current version. Currently I’m implementing this feature for next version. Thanks for reporting.

Thanks emre.

Great POS system. I will give more feedback once POS is implemented. So far SambaPOS is a very powerful system.

I just came across this problem and managed to solve it by doing this:

In the the Customer Tickets entity screen.
Display State = Status
State Filter = New Orders, Bill Requested

Hope this might help someone.


It surely does !!
Going online soon :slight_smile:

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