Customer tickets

I uograded to version 5 yesterday and when I create a new ticket it does not appear in the customer ticket screen. I can find it under open tickets in that tab but nothing shows under the customer ticket tab

Go to Manage > Entities > Entity Screens > select screen > Entity List

Under Display Status enter Status


Under Entities and Entity Screens
Customer Ticket
Name. Customer tickets
Button header. Blank
Ticket type. Ticket
View mode. Automatic
Entity list
Entity type. Customers
Display state. Status
State filter. Available

But still get nothing in customer tickets tab

State filter available will only show available entities, you will want to include the other states of flow which i want to say are unpaid and bill requested but bwen a while since i looked at entity state flow.
Or maybe just leave filter state empty…

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“Available” state is used in the context of the Table entity to mark a table as available to allocate, which means there are no open or locked ticket for that table.

Using a filter for State=Available in the context of the Customer entity means nothing, in my opinion, and it will get you an empty list on the respective entity screen.

I was trying to setup the timeclock using the tutorial. I have now removed all of those items. However I still get nothing on the Customer Ticket screen.

Display State is Status
State Filter is blank

Everything else in the system is working perfectly

I made that change and then totally removed the timeclock stuff. But it still will not display on the customer ticket screen