Customers name on the ticket?

Hello forum is it possible the print customers name on tickets and if it is whats the easiest way to - print customers names on tickets?

Thank you

I want to print customers names(address) to the ticket so my driver can have the address for delivering pizza.

Try these tags in your printer template:

{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Address}

Put them under [ENTITIES] section and then put {ENTITIES} where you want them to show up in the Ticket.

Example you might format it like this:

<J00> Customer Name: {ENTITY:Customers} | Address: {ENTITY DATA:Customers:Address}

And then wherever you put {ENTITIES} in your template it will show it as

Customer Name: John Doe          Address: 02023 Blah Street

it didn’t work any other solutions ?

Can you copy and paste your template here so we can look at it. It could be a syntax or spelling issue.

Paste it here then highlight it and press the </> button so it formats it as code.

PS. Also your Customers entity type you did not rename it did you?

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I got it Thanks very much!!

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