Customizing latest version

Hello all,

Thanks for this group and for the possibilities that this open-source product is making possible.

I would like basic to get answers for a few questions that I failed to find rather quickly on the website

It seems, I believe, that the latest version is not open source? I see only version 3 and 4 being open source while version 5 isn’t. If it isn’t, then how am I supposed to do things like:

  • Bring my own language changes (we intend to use Arabic, with is right-to-left aligned language, and may introduce issues on display, printing, …etc if we didn’t get our hands on code)
  • We would like to potentially create some integration points that don’t exist (I assume). There are orders that will come off our Internet website that I would like to automatically key “into” the system (I assume it’s possible through DB probably)
  • Since we’re outside the U.S., we will have our own “different” system for calculating taxation. I saw some rich roles on the system, but I know we got other ones that are not covered too.

Afraid to ask more questions and make this a long post without answers, so I guess I’ll stop right here :slight_smile:


V4 is not open source and never will be, V3 was the last open source version

In V5 there is planned multi language support that will be added after release

In V5 there are new scripting options allowing integration with websites but you would need to build it yourself with help from community, you can also use API to link to websites @Jesse or @QMcKay have done work on this and would be better placed to help you there

Tax shouldnt be an issue as you configure this youself in samba and you should be able to do what you want now in V4

Upgrade toV5 when released there are so many new features with more planned after launch

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mmm, version 5 sounds like a promising deal. But can a restaurant delay launching a system waiting for version 5? Not really.

On the other hand, I did see Arabic support on version 3 (marked at 85% complete).

Making a decision to go non-open source means I have to go through the pain of creating unreasonable alternatives in the implementation sometimes.

Non of the software I have seen so far (including SambaPos) can resolve the key problem we have. We sell juices (it’s kind of the main thing we do) and the amount of customization that goes in a single juice order is infinite (no sugar, no milk, diet milk, no cream, extra cream and so on). Those gets me cornered into getting my team’s hand on something to customize those little things

Am I going in the wrong direction at all?

Samba will definitely be able to do what you want customisation is easy using order tags (modifiers), prefixes and suffixes theres loads of info on the forum have a search :slight_smile:

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Hi @mbanat mbanat
RickH is correct.
V5 is amazing what you can do.
Forget V3 and just relax what is going to happen in V5.
Anyhow it is still a POS system software for free.
If you cannot wait because of your operations, you better grasp in the pocket and pay $$$
But even in V4 your able to set up a SambaPOS4 system suitable to your needs.
Keep breading and keep calm as a professional member.
You will achieve the results once you understand the capabilities of SambaPOS and no reason to ask defending questions.

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I can see Samba V4 easily processing even more complicate orders than these, you just need a little planning and setup with Order Tags, Prefixes, Products and Menu Customization … plus you’ll have a pretty cool Inventory options too to control these orders.

I suppose you could start with V4 and work with it until V5 is released and you have more options.

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I spent a fair bit of time looking for POS solution and just being free was enough to first draw me to Samba and have a play.
6 months later I am know pretty handy with most of sambas rules and actions etc resulting in some of my own interesting little customisations.
Looking back, if I had to choose again even if samba wasn’t free I would choose it without doubt.
V4 may be missing a few big things other expensive or cloud based systems might have - main one being online cart type integration however it is primary optimised for hospitality - mainly restaurants for which online store is less of a requirement.
That said with V5 and its scripting/API integrations I can see REALLY BIG THINGS happening as V5 develops.

Another great thing with samba is the fact you can put forward ideas directly to the programmer @emre who is amaizing and what he does and what seems to be a rarity in EPOS software actively listens to the users of the software. Accompanied my several ‘Samba Pros’ I have seen some amazing things done with samba, some of which emre were never even intended to be possible. How many other POS software can say that.

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