Daily sales without work period?

Is there a way to see daily sales independent of work periods. I am looking at “Item sales Report” and chosen “Yesterday” as the time period, but it still shows me reports for 3 days because it was all under one work period. In the future, I would like to do 2 work periods in a day, but still be able to see sales broken down by day, week, month and so on, regardless of “work periods”. Is that possible?

I thought the “yesterday, last week, last month” did filter by the exact time regardless of work periods?

Screenshot shows showing from midnight to midnight…

Work Periods are for reporting purposes not for shift changes etc. You should start WP when you open shop and close WP when you close shop. You can setup other automation for tracking shifts.

Work Periods were designed to give you a reporting point so that is why your getting bad results.

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Ok… So it is really important to remember to do them. Since we forgot at the beginning, I just noticed that I could not see sales by date, Even WITH work periods, can you see by week or month? Or do you have to do another “period” for week and month? I just love to look at reports! :slight_smile:

No you do not need to do work periods for week or month. You simply start it when you open for business and end it when your closed or if your 24 hours you can pick a start and endpoint for reports reference.

Week and month will work fine but if you have work period that spans multiple days it may look funky.

Ok, just so I can understand it better… When you do a “weekly” report, it will report all of the “work periods” from that week… So it is broken down by day, week, etc, and adds up all the “work periods” in that time frame? So you obviously don;t need to make the work period be exactly 24 hours. But what if one period is from say 1pm to 1 am and spans across a day, and then the next one will also start in that same day. How does it handle those reports?

Whichever day that Work Period started in is which day will be reported for. You need to use a Custom Entity Screen and Report Widget with appropriate actions if you want to view exact ranges. For example Refresh Custom Report Widget can be used to set a Date Range:

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Cool. That is perfect. With some POS systems you have to define when a day starts and ends, to avoid the overlap problem. This method is much more simple as the start time should mark the day whenever it ends.

I’ve coded a PHP script to show Sales report on custom date range:

  • Today, Yesterday: Hourly sales
  • This Week, This Month, Last 30 days: Daily total sales
    Then the Sales data will show up both in numbers and Chart (Column or Line). Apache apps required.
    If you need, inbox me :slight_smile:
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I would love to have a look at this Anthony if you don’t mind sharing

please share to forum

I will share it as soon as possible. It’s basically finished but still need to improve some stuff. My solution can also automatically upload sales database to the internet every specific time (1 hour, 2 hour, 1 day, …)

Yes, I would love this also. :slight_smile:

hi anthony pls share how to send automatically upload sales database to the internet every specific time (1 hour, 2 hour, 1 day, …) tq