Database Backups

I may have missed the obvious here but I cant seem to find what I want to do so it might not be possible yet

I have database backup on so that when the work period ends a backup is created and saved locally on my laptop

What i want to do is create an auto command button to backup the database in a different location to the one stored in the database backup setting mentioned above without changing the storage location already set locally

I want to be able to upload a backup to my onedrive using an auto command button. I had hoped the backup database action may have contained a field to input the storage location to save the backup which would override the local storage location set in samba

I want to do this as itll be quicker and easier to transfer new versions of my setup to my main terminal from my laptop

@emre is there anyway you could add a storage location setting to the database backup action that would allow this? I can then backup to my laptop locally as normal and when ready, press the auto command button to upload the database to my onedrive without having to change the storage location or manually copy and paste the database file

You can do this now by using a sql script. Just execute the script on button press.


Ill try this later, although it would still be good and simpler if the backup action could be updated so no need to use scripts :grinning: