Database error message

Hello everyone.
I just started using Samba and just about to finish my setup when suddenly today when i got to the restaurant I got this message and I am not able to use SambaPOS.
Anyone that could give me a hand on how to resolve this?? I haven’t change anything in the database or upgraded sambaPOS. I am lost, help please

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It means at some point you upgraded versions and then uninstalled and tried to install older version. Or you tried to restore a database that is in a newer version than you have installed.

Just install the latest version and you should be ok.

5.1.53 is version 116

PS: love the monkey lol

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Ya that monkey is The Man!!! lol

So, just download the new version and install it or should i uninstall the current one form my system first??

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Just install it… the installer uninstalls older version for you.

Thanks so much @kendash for such a quick reply and awesome help. Cheers!!

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New Samba POS mascot? hah