Database not connecting after microsoft update

I have recently upgraded to sql express 2016 and everything was working fine but on Monday both my Lynx Tablets automatically updated windows 10 and now i cannot connect to the main server. The server still works fine. I have reset the homegroup and i still cannot connect. What can i do?

I cannot imagine what would be the problem. My upgrades allways have been painless…

but doing a quick search in google found this:

hope this helps…


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Its been fine so far with windows 10. Both the tablets were running windows 10 and the server was running windows 10. Its only happened after the update where the homegroup dissapeared from both tablets and i couldnt connect to the server over wifi. Both tablets are running Samba locally.

That sonts like a networking/firewall type issue to me.

Just go through the same steps as the install tutorial for sql on forum and check everything is correct.

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Check your Firewall Rules.

Last week I saw my custom FW rules were missing after my server took the Win 10 update. I have yet to prove the update caused this, but I have no other explanation for it.


It looks like it was the firewall rules. I had to set them all again. Thanks JTRTech & QmcKay


will explain why I cant connect my laptop to my till system! Have been bouncing backups back and forth

Have you configured your firewall to allow incoming connections to your sql server machine?

I had but not since w10 upgrade

Likely thats the issue. No biggie ill check tomorrow when I’m back, I’m out for a pint in a minute lol