Database tools export

does database tools export/covert in xls format ?


No, xls is not a format which would be benificial to what database tools does.
What are you trying to achieve?

Thanks JTRTech – reports in database we have poor financial reporting tools –
e.g COGS reports – I need to generate financial reporting – thinking
Custom reports module or Database tools. Also having trouble with data sort
in system reports.

Database tools is for import/export of configurations/settings.

It’s custom reports you want, I would recommend looking at v5.

Custom reports is included in v5 licence AND has many new features including extra report tags with more possible vs v4 which will not get any further updates.

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Exporting custom data is only supported in v5

Thanks JTRTech for your help - will have a look at V5

Thanks kendash will have a look at V5

Hi. How do I export menu, layout of samba to another computer? Not database

You cant export the menu, easiest way is to copy database and the delete anything you dont need

V4 does not support menu export. V5 you can export it with data export feature into yaml and import that code to a different setup.

How do delete database completely from my computer?

SQL management studio and delete it, why do you need to delete it?

Sorry late. I want setup in new premises but don’t want customers records. Every thing on samba pos not customers.

Clear database transactions with database tools as can’t delete entity if it’s been used on ticket.
Then on entity list select first and last customer while holding shift, right click and delete selected…