Database with take out department


Hello SambaPOS community, I have this databse with simple take out department. I would like some feedback. Thank you. (Menu is in Spanish but you can add your menu.)

Printers are setup with built in togo tag
Delivery uses the same togo tag since my items are bag the same way as take out
Ticket template still in works.

Data base is a backup from sql express 2014. You need to restore it. Remember this is a sample database.

2 Employes
-Admin password: 1234
-Waiter password: 1212

I will update as soon as i make changes. (1.4 MB) w

Need "Take Out" printed on kitchen printout for take out orders only

Thanks for sharing. You have Take Out, Dine In, and Delivery Departments. I assume you did this so on reports it separates them by department?

My question is other than Delivery both Dine In and Take Out show the Delivery Entity Screen is this intentional? So I could make a Delivery Take Out order or a Delivery Dine In order… Or just a Delivery Order… or was not not intentional?

I see your using the same menu for both Dine in and Take out as well as Delivery. There are things you can do to further separate these for reporting, printing, kitchen views, and other things useful. Example you can make separate Ticket Types for Dine In, Delivery, Take Out and instead of using Departments since they all share same menu you can switch Ticket Type and its customizable how you want it to switch, can be a button, can be upon specific entity loads, etc.

Its great to see other people sharing their configurations this is how Samba Grows and its how we get better.


-Reports are not separated because I only need sales in total but not by department. very basic.
-Delivery Entry screen is added to every department because is easy to take an order, This take you directly into customers for easy access or to create a new customer.
-I’m using the same menu and same ticket since I’m new to this POS System that is fantastic. I will take all your advice into consideration.

Thanks for your feedback Kendash.

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