Date e time and decimal format (SOLVED)

Hi, we need to export a total amount of a ticket in txt file (with date time and the total). This is necessary to connect an cash register.

however the date and time need to be written in this format HHMM - DDMMYY and the total amount even without a coma (for example 10,56€ would be 1056)
we have create a rule with a print template that use a file printer to save the .txt but how can we format date time e total amount?


Format Date (FD) function:

[=FD('yourdate','HHmm - ddMMyy')]
[=FD('{DATE}','HHmm - ddMMyy')]

To shift the decimal, multiply by 100 …

[=TN('yournumber') * 100]
[=TN('{TICKET TOTAL}') * 100]

You can use those types of [=expressions] and formatting functions nearly anywhere in SambaPOS, not just in Printer Templates.

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ok thank you we try this evening to connect our cash regiester and i will inform you :slight_smile:

QMcKay, the expression works like a charm :slight_smile: tnx!!!

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