{DATE} tag formatting help

As part of my Challenge 25 (age restriction check) i have a popup appear informing the cashier that the date of birth from an ID check needs to be on or before this date. The issue im having is i want to format the {DATE}tag to be dd-mm-yyyy without the addedd seconds it puts at the end as in the below example

What it should show as the date is 27-08-2000

and not 27-08-00 00:100:

This is the format so far [=ADM('{DATE}',-216)] which gives the below output, im struggling to work out where to add dd/mm/yyyy into the format

Try {DATE:mmDDyy} syntax may be off a little.

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Already tried that and doesnt work, the output shows nothing. I think normally that works but because ive got -216 to deduct 216 months off its throwing the formatting out

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Did you tried FD function?


Thanks emre I’ll try this tomorrow, I missed this when searching :grinning: