Datetime Formating Integer

Hi there,

Is it possible to print on ticket the integer form of datetime TICKET DATE ?
I’ve tried FD(’{TICKET DATE}’,) with various format but I can only que a date format not integer form of datetime.

I need it to us it as a timestamp.

Thank you

If you trying to display the opening ticket date&time then {TICKET DATE}&{TICKET TIME} should work

Hi thank you for your answer, but what I would like to have is the datetime timestamp.
10.04.2015 = 42104.62556

Thank you

@MA1, describe how your conversion process to show:

There are many ways to represent date/time, so let us know how you achieved that answer.


This is the datetime timestamp, you can get it for example in excel when you convert a date to a number…

There are many ways to calculate datetime. There is not just one standard.