Decimal position in TRANSACTIONS

Dear @Emre, I am still having trouble with the decimal position in the Transaction Screen. this time, I have all my decimal characters OK, POS screen (TICKET) works good, Ask Question with variables and masks works good… but, here, I cannot use the “,” character, I press it and nothing appears, and the “.” does not work, it accepts it but ignores it.

Please, could you help me out? I do have a lot of products that have decimal digits!!!



Dear @emre, I have been struggling with this all day… I found out that…

  1. If you change in any way DEAFULT setting ffrom windows… all gets messed up in SAMBA, like, transactions do not allow decimals, end of day report does not allow decimals, and input masks do get wired…

  2. If you revert all windows settings to default, all starts to work correctly, SAMBA starts allowing decimals both in end of day report and transactions. but… and there is allways a but…

this is driving me crazy now…
I do have two rules, one for change price, and one for add discount.

if you take a close look at the [?PrecioNuevo;\d{2}?\,\d{2}?;;CON;49,50,51|52,53,54|55,56,57|8,48] you will see that the Discount screen uses “.” as a decimal point and the change price rule uses a “,” as a decimal point. If I change in any way those rules become wired and crazy and do whatever they want… regardless international settings.
but If I leave those one with “.” and the other with “,” they do work good, and do what expected.

Could you help me out here? what did I do wrong?



So according to your regional settings which one is correct? . or ,? Which action requires incorrect decimal separator?

ok, sorry to have missed that… seems important… LOL!!!
decimal is “,” and 1000 sep is “.”

the problem is that inverted nothing works… that seems odd to me and got me lost…


@gerlandog can you give me more details about the discount thing? what discount screen is it? what action are you using?

What do you mean with that?

PS: I’m trying to reproduce it on my side.

I´ll send a database backup…

The rules are:




@gerlandog isn’t it easier if you just tell me which action that Update Discount if Zero command executes. A screen shot will be great…

ok, sorry…

Please let me know if you need another screen!!!



@gerlandog are you making discount with order tags? If so we’ll need screen shot of tag order action.

PS: My database currently in the middle of development state and it’s schema is different than yours. That’s why I’m asking screen shot.

no worries…


OK. I’ll overwrite my development database… lol.

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@gerlandog make this change and it’ll be fine…

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Thanks @Emre, but i am still having trouble.

If I use “,” fixed in the PrecioNuevo everything works good, but if I use “.” then 18.52 becomes 1852,00 regardless if I use the TN or not function…

Why one input works and the other does not?



Your decimal separator is ,. Why you’re using . ? It is configured as thousand separator.

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OK!!! Thanks!!!

seems that today, sunday, its a lit bit early for me to think straight… sorry!!!