Definitions for Order Tag JSON AM and PR

Could you clarify the definitions of AM and PR on order tag JSON in orders table?
Presuming Amount and Price, but can you elaborate on the use of the two.
A bug had come to light on my PMS integration with the use of adjust order price as I have taken either AM and or PR to calculate a tag value and multiply by order qty which works for normal tags but not with the adjust order price as its an order tag but only applied once to the order line.

I am guessing that AM (Amount should be single use per order line and PR (price) should be multiplied by QTY?

I think I am right to think that for an order line the math would be;

( ( [Order Price] + ( [Tag Price PR] x [Tag Qty] ) ) x [Order Qty] ) + [Tag Amount AM] )

Know there are unnescercery brackets in there :sweat_smile: