Delay in order display on kitchen screen (Ticket widget Lister)

@emre Hi, Thanks a lot for your continued support. Much appreciated. I have already setup POS for my restaurant. I have done all the tweaking bit. Basically, i have 4 screen plus main server machine. All the orders on kitchen screen go to relevant area screen. For first month the system worked seamlessly, however, now there is a delay of approx 40-60 sec on order to display on entity screen. I have tried all the options, also i tried to put this command in expression field on ticket widget settings “Date>Today-6” but it wasn’t of any help. Also some times i have to manually change the entity screen to update the order. The server machine works fine.

Your help in this matter will be much appreciated. Look forward to your reply.
Thanks in advance.

How many orders are on your screen typically?

Did you check make sure message server is connected on terminals.

Why you’ve put Date>Today-6 expression?

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I think your thinking what I am but surely not? I hope not anyway lol.

@Jesse thanks a lot for ur reply. Not many, about 6. Yes I hve double checked the message server. It’s connected.
@emre I used that expression because I have read in one of your comment, so I thought that might be one of solution.
Thanks for ur reply.

Good so there is not specific reason of that expression. It will be great if you can show us how you’ve configured kitchen display widget so we can have an idea about possible reason of that issue.