Delete customer account details

I need to delete customer account details daily
How can I delete customer account details?

Which codes can I use for the CBL file?

You will probably have difficulty as pretty sure it will mess up your system accounts messing with transactions etc like that.

You can’t just delete entities daily. If they have a ticket attached then you can’t delete them. Why do you need to delete data? Generally deletimg data is not good.

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Yeah guys, have a similar issue, one of our customer who’s system is strictly based on customers accounts was duplicating customers. The cashiers where not verifying to max to make sure that the customer is already on the system. Any info or guidance will be appreciated.

You cant have entities with same name so were they duplicating with different name?
If thats the case its hard to stop that, they are putting in a different name ie samba sees as different customer.

Yeah, something like:

  1. Fredericky Chingaipe
  2. Fred Chingaipe.
    In a case we renamed the other name to a completely new customer, would that have any negative effects on the system’s records?

the existing sales would stay with that entity since dB refers to entity id not name but if thats acceptable then changing name is fine.

Alright thanks. Will test and update