Delivery Error from send waiting to Delivering

I have a problem in the delivery does not work …

Wow that really is not giving us any information and you probably wont get any responses

All setups are unique so what delivery setup are you using, what specifically isnt working

Show screenshots of your setup and explain in detail what exactly your system isnt doing and whats not working properly

Also of it has been working then the only reason for it to suddenly stop is that someones has changed some configurations or settings so also tell us of any recent changes you have made as these could of affected your delivery workflow

Without this info noone will be able to help you


Haha. This is like bringing the car to mechanic and tell him “it does not work” :slight_smile:


hhhhhhh :laughing:
what can i do im really tired

I just want to respond to the problem Show

Arrange All I can but I have for not responding originally