Delivery Reports

Hello, I’m trying to use sambapos for a restaurant that primarily deals in delivery. I want to be able to assign tickets to drivers and then at the end of the night the drivers need to print their report for count out. I have the first part thanks to the delivery system tutorial however I can’t seem to figure out the reporting aspect. My first thought was that I could print reports by entity (aka driver). The ticket viewer can sort of do this but is not time specific so it would be very confusing for drivers to do it this way. the other way I thought of was with regular reports but they are based off of the current user. Often the user that enters in the order is not the driver. Is there a way to transfer tickets to other users so I can print work period reports for drivers? Or is there another way I have to do this?

TLDR;I need a way to print reports for a driver entity at end of work period so they can count out.

Any help would be very appreciated.
Thank you.

You would probably need to use custom reports module for this.

I’m pretty sure changing the ticket’s user would solve all my problems. There is no way to do this?

I downloaded SSMS and had a look at the sambapos database hoping to get a better understanding of how everything fits together and I understand why my question was a bit confusing before. I will give the custom reports a shot I think they will do exactly what I want. Thanks for your answer Kendash.

@sxit Did you achieve this? I am in the same situation right now