Delivery Setting

Please Help me setting the delivery system and driver dispatching screen with driver assign time and come back time, with end shift of any driver with total orders and cash.

Thats a big ask for someone to just do for you, have you searched the forum? There are already tutorials and conversations to help you do this, you really need to search, read, have a go yourself and then shout out if you get stuck with specifics of what isnt working

There are people on here that will always help but you need to help yourself to by reading and understanding how samba works

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I searched but found tutorial for V3, is this setting working with V5?

If you could do it in V3 you can definatly do in V5.
There have been huge improvments since V3 but nothing has been removed that im aware of.
Some minor things might have moved or changed or to be done slightly diferently but on a whole if you doing manually and not trying to import old config files you should be fine to base the core on the same prinsaples.

i wouldnt start with a major task like that though, run through a few simpler tutorials to get to grips with how samba works.

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