Department Visibility of Entity Screens

Hi … I am sure that this is a silly question but I dare it. I am new and I already did a couple of automations. Now I added a “Take Away” department with a “Take Away Ticket” type and “Create Ticket” method and all worked fine - I got a “Take Away” button at the bottom and can enter orders. When I switch to this department then I would have expected to see tabs for all the entry screens with the mappings set to visibility ALL and * for department and ticket type but there is none. My expectation seems to be wrong :slight_smile: … is my expectation wrong or do I miss something? Thanks …

If you have set your department to “Create Ticket” then by default it will skip the entity screen altogether and go straight to order when you click on "Take away " department at the bottom.

If you set the department to “Select Entity” then it will by default take you to entity screen with all the tabs across the top.

So if you want to see the tabs across the top, you can either change it to “Select Entity” or create a button which takes you to entity screen.

If you want to stay on order screen(aka “create ticket”) and have a button, then do a quick forum search on how to create a button to take you to entity screen and follow some tutorials.

Thanks … well it does not change with the Select Ticket option but I will go with your suggestion and add buttons to show entity screens - this sounds good to me.

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