Departments and Printing

I have the 4 departments as shown on the picture.
Each department has its own printer but share menu.
When I click on a department open a table and order an items it works well.
But when i change departments open the same ticket and order from another department it still prints on the the 1st department printer. The one I made the 1st order from.

In printer jobs I have sected for it to print according to department.

How can I set up the System to print from the selected department and not the first department from which the first order was selected.

After someone ordering from counter one(department) the drink should print on counter one printer and when he goes to he goes to kitchen(department) to make an order and the product to print on kitchen printer.

It looks like you would be better just using terminals, why did you opt to make a department per till?

Let me add a new printing job to print the kitchen menu items and segment by product group al also remove kitchen department.
I don’t want to use terminals because a waiter/s should be able to use either of the terminals to make order from the department he/she chooses.

I used departments coz the departments share products and menu but different warehouses.

OK, for inventory, your naming makes it look like just per till.

Hey Amolo. Did you manage to sort the captain order issue. I have the same issue

I believe when a ticket is created, the department is assigned to the ticket. Any other orders added to the ticket, from different departments, does not change the original ticket department.

There is an action called Change Active Department. You can use that to change original ticket department.

Before you do that, maybe describe in detail what your issue is and what you would like to happen. There maybe a better solution.