Design mode is missing some function

Hello and good day. after 2 days of trying how to print customer address i found this tutorial

i followed it till the design mode where in the tutorial shows resource search. it is not exist in sambapos 4 may be?
i tried them and am not sure which one is it mention in the tutorial

i appreciate your help and thank you!

The titorial was for v5 so there may be some differences if trying in v4.
Not sure if the setup is posible in v4 or not…

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Can you suggest me a tutorial just simply how to print customers info in delivery ticket please.
i ended up with this tutorial i am totally lost here

Here’s one for v4. The best tool to do such tasks is use the search option on top of the page.

Great i didn’t know that formatting tags allow to print customer info i will read it now thanks a lot

Although I haven’t tried it myself I’m very certain it does.

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I dont think its the one!

i can print name and phone number so far but no address

Address is an entity data field right?
Entity data can be called in two ways;
{ENTITY DATA:EntityTypeName:FieldName}
Which should work anywhere.
You can loose the EntityTypeName value in the middle to just
If the senario is specificly associated with entity automation or on print teplate is within the entity section.

– Customer entity format
Customer: {ENTITY NAME}
Phone:{ENTITY DATA:Phone}

i typed it like that and i see name and phone not address

– Customer entity format
:{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Address}

this one also shows name and number.
i believe i made mistake some where but i cant tell.

Isn’t it supposed to be Customer rather than Customers

That Tutorial is from V3 when Entities were called Resources.

So the “Resource Search” Widget is actually an “Entity Search” Widget.

Any time you see an old Tutorial that contains the word “Resource”, you can replace that word with “Entity”.

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i tried both of them

what does that mean delete in 24 hours

now i think i know what the mistake is but i cant correct it. i changed ticket template (not delivery ticket template) and it prints the address. but because its ticket template so it prints it also in the take away.

i dont know how to make only delivery prints from delivery ticket

If you setup departments and ticket types on your system you can use {DEPARTMENT} at the top of your template and when u choose delivery department it will put delivery at top and have address and if u use normal but not put address it won’t show address.

Second option is create another ticket template specific for delivery and in your rule you can put a print job action which prints that template specifically. Not sure how well this will work with v3 but you can always try

I am using V4 and i did the second option.i mapped it to delivery also
i cant find where the mistake is :frowning:

Check your "ticket closing " rule. It should have the default kitchen print job there. What you can do is right click that rule and clone it, then inside the rule put a constraint that says “ticket type name” equals “delivery”. Then remove the default kitchen print action and put your delivery print action and then in “Mapping” you can specify department and ticket type to delivery…

This means that only if department and ticket type equals delivery it will run those actions.

In the original rule you can map the department specific also to your main department and add s constraint “ticket type name” equals (main ticket type name). Save it and see if that works


Thank you so much its been days am trying and u made it in 5 minutes thank you so so much

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