Difference in Custom Report Tags and Accounts

Dear @emre, after the last time I worte this, I have re-done the whole accounting, now I am pretty sure that it works the way it was intended.

Now, I can see all the accounts using the Custom report tags, wich is great. the problem is that the accounts created by me (Expenses in this case) are not reflecting the TODAY records.

I´ll atach some screens to try to show you what is going on…

Could you tell me if I am doing something wrong here? do you need me to attach the database too?



I may try to reproduce that… but just looking at your screenshots…it may be because you are using it in an expression formula… I wonder if you need to add the Date range to the expression?

EDIT: Actually it looks like your other accounts are reporting correctly using same formula and call. It may still be something with that account.

EDIT: Do you have multiple transactions that feed into the Compras (DEBIT) account?

The only accounts that seem to work good are the ones that came with the system.


How do you add a date range in the TN and F expressions? The date range is however dictated by the combo in the upper part of the screen…



It sounds to me like it is still something to do with how you setup your accounting transactions.

Reason I say that… the ones that came with system are built the same way you would yours. They just were premade for you. There isnt anything special about them.

That is becuase outise the working period those accounts are not beeing touched…


What do you mean outside working period? Those are being touched… its just the transactions are setup automated vs you pressing button.

So when you make those transactions… you are not in a work period?

EDIT: Sorry guess I am not following what you are saying about work period.

If you have a work period started… every transaction even supplier payments happens within that work period for tracking.

The accounts that came originally with sambapos work inside a work peridod, when you add tickets or add a ticket payment. this accounts have records added outside a working period, becuase they are expenses or payments to our suppliers…


I will create something similar and try to reproduce your issue.

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I just tested my supplier payments and it works just fine. ILl show you screenshot.

The First 2 screenshots shows a Deposit Cash Transaction. Takes from Cash and puts in Bank account.

The last 2 screenshots shows a transaction to Pay Kalsnick Inc. from Checking Account.

Now if I close Work Period. Start new one. I did a 10.56 sale… did my deposit to bank account… then did a 10.56 supplier payment.

As you can see it is showing only new work period correctly.

So you still do not have something right in your accounting setup.

Now I will try the same expression you did.

If I may ask why the expression on it? You wan it to show the .00 even if it is a whole number?

EDIT: NM i understand why you would want that.

EDIT: anyway as you can see mine seems to work. Something is setup in your accounting differently… because it should be pulling Work Period data only. Yours seems to be working the opposite.

EDIT: on your account type for Gastos is it set to filter Work Period or something else?

EDIT: Never mind that filter wouldnt change it. It has to be how your account is setup.

I cannot reproduce it without knowing how your account is setup to operate. Mine seems to run fine. Yours is showing everything not just current work period. How do you have yours setup to operate outside the work period?

OOOH you selected the monthly view

Here is mine on monthly view: As you can see its showing the current work period transaction.

Are you moving your transactions to that account on a Work Period Close rule?

If you shared the process you do to make a transaction it might help.

It has to be the accounting. Something to do with when the transactions are happening. I think it has to do with what you said about it happening outside work period. How do you have it setup to operate outside work period?

as I tod you those accounts are beeing used outside work periods and the records are added by hand.

What happens if you add a record on any of those acounts by hand and the try to view any of your custom reports…


There is your answer then. Custom Reports are designed to show work period data.

I make all my transactions inside a work period because I want it tracked with my work period. Even supplier payments. I use a Deposit to bank button… and all of my payments come from my bank account not the drawer. Thats how I work around that. So technically mine are made outside work period as well I just did it with an automated approach and it keeps my data inside work period for custom reports tracking.

End of Day is when I use my deposit bank button. So my supplier transactions never touch the Cash account during a work period they come from Bank Account instead.

But short answer is… your report wont show it because it was not made during the work period. IT will show it on next work period.

EDIT: I do not see the logic of trying to keep supplier payments outside a work period. Can you help me understand why you would do this?

The reason I permit off period transactions is letting cash transaction operations to work. If you need to see something in a report that should be in work period. Otherwise you can always track it through accounts.

perhaps i do have a missconfiguration. (and I am saying that becuase a differenct account shows me the data correclty… even the record I just added)

can i send you my DB and could you be so kind and check the accounts, perhaps I am missing something there.

would help me a lot.



@gerlandog if you use the export tool just export your accounts and rename the .txt file to .zip and you can send to me. I could take a look at them. This way you don’t have to send everything and I don’t have to see everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Just put the following into the export tool.

Account Types
Account Transaction Types
Account Transaction Document Types
Account Screens

I don’t know without looking but it sounds to me like you make those transactions and then you do another transaction to move it into a specific account?

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Dear @Jesse, here is the file attached, I added also a custom report, the one that shows the accounts.

Thanks a lot!!!


kendash.zip (1.9 KB)

No no… just add a transaction to an account.


Ok well its like explained earlier. Custom reports will only show within a work period. If you make your transactions during work period it will show it on the custom report. You are making yours after work period is closed.

Your accounts look good to me.  The only reason it does this is because you are doing transactions outside work period.

Which account was this? Could it be that you just made a transaction during a work period and didnt realize it?

You could just do them all within a work period.

Ok. I tested that and you are correct. Transactions only work within a work period.

my expenses transactions happens ALL outside a work period. We are open from WED thru SUN from 17 to 24. All our payments, groceries, and expenses take place outside our work period.

what happens with the transactions you add outside a work period? I added some. Then I opened a work period and still could not see them. Should I close it?

EDIT: After some more testing I saw that the account screen was showing transaction from inside and outside my work period, but report only showed my transaction within a work period… That seems a little complicated to me, since I use (and I tink a lot of people do) reports as a summary and sometimes as detaield info to print out, if some transactions are included and some not, that will be a problem. since SambaPOS allows you to add transactions outside work periods, and shows them correctly in the account screen, why not in the custom reports? I have three account screen one filtered by work period, one by month and one general (no filter), that gives me nice overview of the situation, but I also have a report that makes a nice summary of all that, but does not include all transactions, so account screen and custom report, even tho they have the same filter show different info…

I could see that after a lot of testing, LOL, but the problem here (for me) is that reports will show only part of your accounts not the real accounts, and that will generate differences in totals…

Dear @EMRE, is there any chance that CUSTOM REPORT TAGS for ACCOUNTS would not be restricted to work periods?