Difference in Receivables Account

Dear @Emre, i am facing again the problem

Could you be so kind and point me in the wright direction?


attached backup fileSambaPOS4_201406072353SQA.zip (2.1 MB)

Same as this issue ? Difference in Receivables account?

I think it is… thats why i attached the file now, so, if is it the same issue, may be we can track it.
If @emre finds the ticket with problems maybe i can find out what happend with that ticket, like changing table, or something like that.


@gerlandog thank you very much for the backup. I found the reason of the issue. That relates with Cancel Payments action. If you cancel payment without closing ticket first (eg. create ticket > settle without closing it > cancel payment) it does not save Taxo Serviço transaction. I’ve fixed the issue however since that issue occurs in multiple tickets (I think you didn’t noticed it for a while) it will be a little hard to review all ticket transactions and adding missing transactions. You can fix totals by fixing ticket #1865 by adding 17.55 service tax transaction however it will be a better idea to fix all missing transactions since we’ll use this data for future reports and I’m not sure if such fix will create issues with reported values. Most probably it won’t be too important but if you want to fix them one by one this is how I locate these tickets.

Review receivables account and check end day balances after #1352. (balances are fine until this ticket) Normally in every work period end the balance should be 0. If you notice a small balance change in latest transaction there is a problem with a ticket in that work period. Find the difference (eg. 1.60). That means we need to find a sale transaction with 16.00 amount.

Until next release you can consider disabling that button or do not use it without saving (closing) ticket at least once.

OK!!! great work!!! thanks for finding the issue!!!
17.55 is not very important in matter of quantity, but it should be important if there are a lot of tickets in those conditions…

so i should check all tickets after 1352… now that I have some days free i will do so!!!

Thanks again, and good work finding why!!!


Hi @Emre, could you please narrow down to me where the difference is… I cannot find it… I have tried to see if I could looking at the work period reports, but had no luck…